Serendipity Therapies - from one small change...others follow...
I use a combination of techniques tailored to you-
Psychotherapy will help you discover why you have your problem.
CBT & NLP will help you deal with the day to day practical implications of your problem.

IEMT will bring about instant changes to how you feel about your negative experiences and behaviours.
Hypnotherapy will help you to think differently and so control your problem, instead of it controlling you!
Hypnotherapy can help you with
Weight loss (why not try a hypno- gastric band operation!)
Eating Disorders-anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder etc
Smoking cessation
Sexual problems
Phobias eg fear of flying, spiders etc
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Pain relief and management
Anxiety and panic attacks
Exam nerves
Sports excellence  (like the professionals)
and much more..
Counselling, CBT, NLP & IEMT can help you with
Depression (change that negative thinking)
Eating Disorders
Relationship problems
Just someone to talk to
and much more...
 OLDPAIN2GO can rid you of that old nagging pain and also helps with many other issues.

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